Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Connecting Communities with Chopsticks: Celebrating Chinese Culture through the Arts with Teachers and Students

While in China and on the last day of NAEA proposal acceptance, Dean Maryjo Cochran (from Troy University) and I developed a conference presentation proposal for the Spring 2013 National Art Education Association meeting. Because this proposal development was an impromptu collaboration in a Shanghai hotel, and on my iPad with tech access difficulties, I was not even sure the e-mail got through; I honestly forgot we submitted the proposal.

I was thrilled to be reminded yesterday that we will be able to revisit our adventure and share Chinese art, culture, education-related collaborations and initiatives taking place among educators and artists in China, the Confucius InstituteTroy University and the University of South Alabama. I feel confident my 10-day adventure, 4000 photographs, 80+ blog posts with Peggy, and lessons already developed and implemented in art education will serve us well in sharing ideas with conference participants.

"Dear Paige:
Thank you for responding to the 2013 NAEA National Convention Call for Presentations.  It is my pleasure to inform you that your presentation, Connecting Communities with Chopsticks : Celebrating Chinese Culture through the Arts with Teachers and Students, was accepted for inclusion in the program for the 2013 NAEA National Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, March 7-10.

NAEA received a record number of presentations this year and, once again, relied upon a scoring rubric for the peer review and assessment process.  The peer review process requires careful thought and consideration in terms of Content, Clarity of Purpose, Suitability/Relevance, Quality, and overall program balance.  The caliber of this year’s presentations was excellent—making the acceptance of just over 1,000 sessions (approximately 44%) highly competitive.  The average score for accepted presentations was 13 (out of a possible 15)."

Photo by Paige Vitulli

Please join us if you are in Texas this Spring!! 


Peggy Delmas said...

Congratulations to Drs. Vitulli and Cochran! The ripple effect of our trip to China is exciting. Through your presentation you will reach more educators who will reach more students, increasing knowledge about China and (hopefully) desire to know more about China!

Paige Vitulli said...

Thank you Peggy! You will be there with me in spirit and through your beautifully crafted words on our blog!!