Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chinese Culture for Kids

Peggy Delmas and Paige Vitulli
As Peggy and I were cooking Chinese food and developing an outline for an article describing art activities inspired by our trip to China, we toyed with the idea of extending an exploratory art day planned for a few children to one open to all children of the faculty and staff of our College of Education. Chinese Culture for Kids took place today and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our knowledge and experiences with the children and adults in our college. Students from kindergarten to high school, moms, dads, and grandparents were all engaged in creating terra-cotta warriors from Model Magic and practicing calligraphy skills on mini canvases.

Dr. McGowan and Dr. Guest painting canvases
the color representing good fortune,  joy and luck.
Libby and Callie painting and sculpting.

Anna and Jay
Artists and moms!

Even a Dad :-) Thanks for painting and sculpting with us Andy!
Libby was a fabulous artist and assistant!
Grand daughter Corinne and Dr. Santoli


Corinne exploring with Model Magic.
Samuel sculpting his terra-cotta warrior.
Calligraphy symbols explained by Samuel.
Showing off Callie's fabulous art.

Corinne trying out the chopsticks and Chinese white rabbit candy.

Adding to the video via SMART Board
Kungfu Bunny 3: Counterattack (featuring “White Rabbit” candy): 6 minute animated video by a student in the Communication University of China’s College of Animation and Digital Arts
The kids loved this video and asked to see it again at the end of our activities - Peggy

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